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Consultancy Projects



  • Dr. Ram Raj Mathur, Dept. of Geophysics, OU is the principal investigator for newly started Consultancy Project in Collaboration with National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC).

Title: “Gravity Surveys for Diamond Exploration Programme of NMDC in Bhagain, Rampura and Pali areas of Madhya Pradesh, India”.

  • Dr. Gopal Reddy, Dept. of Microbiology, OU has taken up new Consultancy Project in collaboration with M/s Issar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.

Title: “Review on the Zylentra (Genopep cream) Phase-III trial results and interpretation”.

  • Skill Development Programme was organized on 6th February,2014.


  • Mr. Prashant Jain, CEO, India Domain Web Services Pvt Ltd & Founder at Gifting Happiness, delivered lecture on Leadership Skills for Employability.

  • Mr. Ravi Devulapalli, Director, Zintec Software spoke on “Ethics, Morals & Values in the context of being a Leader”.

  • Prof. Narendranath, Institute of Public Enterprise delivered lecture on “Leadership Strategy in Organizations & Disruptive Leadership”.

  • About 200 participants attended the Seminar.

  • Prof. Venkateswarlu Pothapragada from University of Minnesota, USA delivered a Guest Lecture on” An Overview of Total Fluoride Analysis” and shared his research. experience with Scientists of Osmania University on 03.12.2013 at Conference Hall, Univ. College of Science, OU.

List of Ongoing Projects : RDCC 


S.No Consulter Consultant Title of the Project
1. M/s Swarna Bharath Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Prof. K. V. Rao
Centre for Plant & Molecular Biology, OU
Development of stable transgenic rice lines for major sap-sucking insects and pests by employing different candidate genes isolated from plants
2. M/s Hetero Drugs Pvt. Ltd. Prof. G.L. David Krupadanam (Retd)
Dept.of Chemistry, OU
Isolation of known naturally occurring anti-viral compounds from Indian Medicinal plants in multigram quantities & preparing semi-synthetic analogues
3. M/s Bharath Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
Extended for one year
Prof. L. V. Rao
Dept. of Microbiology, OU
Prof. L. V. Rao,
Dept. of Microbiology, OU
Production of Microbial Enzymes, Scale up studies, Optimization Experiments and Demonstration of Bioethanol Production from Rice Straw/Wheat Straw.. same ;;
4. M/s Vistarr Organics Pvt. Ltd. Prof. L. V. Rao
Dept. of Microbiology, OU
Biotechnological production of Xylotol from hemicelluloses materials
5. M/s Issar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Prof. Gopal Reddy, Chairman, BOS
Dept. of Microbiology, OU
Review of the Xylentra (Genopep cream) Phase III trial results and interpret
6. Atomic Minerals Division, Hyderabad Prof. Ram Raj Mathur
Dept. of Geophysics
Gravity Surveys for Diamond Exploration Programme of NMDC in Bhagain, Rampura & Pali areas of Madhya Pradesh, India
7. Prof. C. Venkateshwar, Dept. of Botany, OU M/s Lee Pharma Ltd., Balanagar, Hyderabad Consultancy project of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) for treating their effluents with new technology developed in ITRC (Industrial Tpxicology Research Centre), Lucknow UP, CSIR Institution where he worked and named as C.V.LAXMAN TECHNOLOGY.
8. Prof.E.Suresh Kumar, Principal Investigator & Prof.J.Savithri, Co-investigator, Centre of English Language Training, (CELT), Univ. College of Engineering, OU M/s Klick2Learn, Glasgow,G1 IXP, United Kingdom Developing Pronunciation App – Protalk –for Apple and Addroid Platforms to improve the Pronunciation Skills of Learners of English
9. Prof. P.Laxminarayana Principal Scientist Navigational Electronics for Research & Training Unit, OU M/s Lantiq Communications India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Optimization of AMR-WB Codec

Centre for Plant & Molecular Biology: Prof. K. Venkateswara Rao Consultancy Project: M/s Swarna Bharath Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd.


Department of Microbiology: Prof. L. Venkateswar Rao Consultancy Project: 1. M/s Bharath Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 2. M/s Vistarr Organics Pvt. Ltd.


Dept. of Geology: Prof. J. Ratnakar Consultancy Project: South Central Railway, Bellampally Project


Dept. of Bio-chemistry: Prof. B. Sashidhar Rao Consultancy Project: Research Training Programme to Students


Chemistry: Prof. G.L.David Krupadanam, Consultation Project:   M/s Hetero Drugs Pvt. Ltd.

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